9 Best Apple Watch straps to adorn your wrist

9 Best Apple Watch straps to adorn your wrist

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You’ve already heard all the great things about the Apple Watch. And, with the countless options for the watch face, there are seemingly unlimited ways to make it your own. One way you can make yours stand out from the crowd is by finding the right band.

9 Best Apple Watch straps to adorn your wrist
Apple Watch Series 5 Hermès Band

The Apple Watch stands out for all the right reasons in its own right. And, Apple has come a long way since the original. In fact, Apple is applying technology to the wearable industry that we’ve never seen before.

That reason alone is enough to make it popular. But the fact that it has seamless integration to the iPhone makes it all but a must-have. Now that we’re on the Apple Watch Series 5, it’s better than ever.

Here are some of the most impressive features of the Apple Watch:

  • Superior heart rate tracking: From mastering your workouts to alerting you to emergencies, the heart rate functionality is impressively accurate.
  • Safety features: This smartwatch can detect falls and call emergency contacts, including emergency services.
  • Always-on display: The latest version, the Series 5, has an always-on display so you can glance at your watch from a distance to see any updates (or simply the time!).
  • Fast refresh rate: It’ll keep up with you at 60 Hz, yet it remains power efficient.
  • Longer battery life: Thanks to its ambient light sensor, it changes its brightness automatically to help keep the watch going for 18 hours.

If that doesn’t sell you on an Apple Watch, we’re not sure what will. No matter what you use it for, this smartwatch is always a step ahead. As such, you’ll definitely rely on it for your every day. Therefore, you need the right band to suit your style and needs. The best Apple Watch strap depends on how you use the smartwatch and where you’ll wear it.

Apple Leather Apple Watch Band with Modern Buckle

Looking for the perfect blend of style and strength? Look no further than Apple’s own. The Leather Band with Modern Buckle helps to elevate your smartwatch without diminishing its modern capabilities. Featuring real Granada leather, this version comes in three colors: Saddle, Aubergine, and Black. The unique buckle features a clever magnetic design, making it a cinch to put on and take off with just one hand. But, all everyone else will see is total sophistication.

9 Best Apple Watch straps to adorn your wrist

The classic leather strap gets a modern upgrade with this new buckle

Apple Milanese Stainless Steel Band

There’s nothing like a classic watch. While the Apple Watch is everything but, the Apple Milanese Stainless Steel Band brings it right back. This totally classic look comes in three color options: stainless steel, gold, and black. Each one has an impressively smooth feel thanks to the thousands of metal loops. It’s woven with specialized Italian machines to achieve this look and feel. And, because it uses so many small parts, it has a fluid motion despite the extra-strong material.

9 Best Apple Watch straps to adorn your wrist

If you’re after a classic look, Apple’s own Milanese strap fits the bill

Apple Watch Series 5 Hermès Bands

If you want luxury to pair with your Apple Watch Series 5, there’s only one option: the Hermès Bands. Featuring exquisite materials and exclusive designs, these bands are all about giving you a luxurious look. There are a variety of styles to choose from, including a big and bold orange leather and even the classic Béton cream color. In addition, some styles are single tour and some double, meaning they wrap around your wrist twice for an extra pop of sophistication.

9 Best Apple Watch straps to adorn your wrist

Hermès is synonymous with iconic and luxurious

Nomad Metal Apple Watch Band

Always sleek and stylish, Nomad pulls it off again with the Metal Apple Watch Band. This classic metal link bracelet design actually uses titanium. As a result, it’s as lightweight and comfortable as it is a statement piece. Along with titanium, it’s also available in a stainless steel option to suit any style. The Metal Apple Watch Band is compatible with all versions of the Apple Watch, including the ceramic, titanium, steel, aluminum, Sport, and Nike versions. And no matter your wrist size, this one will fit thanks to the adjustable buckle design.

Ultimate Cuff Designer Apple Watch Cuffs

Those who love looking fabulous: this one’s for you. The Ultimate Cuff goes in the opposite direction of most bands. In fact, these are more of Apple Watch cuffs than bands or straps. They look impressively stylish and will instantly elevate any outfit. It’s like turning your Apple Watch into a piece of jewelry. Most onlookers probably won’t even notice the smartwatch as they’re marveling at the beautiful design of the cuff. And, with 15 styles to choose from, there’s one for anyone and everyone.

Spigen Rugged Armor Pro Defensive Apple Watch Case

Does your day pack a punch? The Spigen Rugged Armor Pro is here to keep your Apple Watch protected. More than just a band, the Rugged Armor Pro actually combines a strap and a case for all-over coverage. The case fully encapsulates your smartwatch while leaving the display completely exposed and accessible. The TPU material is shock-absorbent so it’s able to hold up to all the dings you encounter throughout your adventures.

Leatherman Tread Apple Watch Band

If you’re the type to always be on the hunt for the right bit or tool, this is the band for you. The Leatherman Tread is outfitted with 29 different tools as well as customizable links. While this wearable is designed to be used on its own, you can add on attachments to make it work with the Apple Watch. When you’re presented with a tough job, you can rest assured you’ve got just the tool. Despite its heavy-duty design, the band is surprisingly comfortable and lightweight. It also comes in two colors so you can pair functionality with beautiful form.

Nomad Modern Leather Strap for Apple Watch

Nomad strikes again with the Modern Leather Strap for Apple Watch. It’s totally minimalist in design, doing just what it says on the label. With your choice of gold or silver hardware, this striking leather band comes in a variety of leather color options. And, it’s not just any leather. This band features Horween leather, known for its durability. It’s also complete with a vegetable-tanned finish that will produce a stunning patina over time and through use.

Active Band Strong Apple Watch Strap

And, finally, for the sporty ones among us, you need a strap that can keep up. The Active Band is made for those who are always looking for the next adventure. It features a highly durable nylon weave as well as custom stainless steel hardware. This pairs with a hook and loop fastener (think Velcro) so it remains secure on your wrist whether you’re snorkeling, rock climbing, or simply hanging out at home.

Are you one to rock something unique from the list above? Or are you more likely to stick to the original Apple Watch silicone band you already have? There are so many options, and the best Apple Watch straps are those that fulfill your needs for form and function. Have a favorite on to add to our list? Let us know in the comments!

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