Best tech and design Kickstarter projects of 2019

Best tech and design Kickstarter projects of 2019

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Not all Kickstarter campaigns are successful. But those that do cross that success mark are truly one of a kind. In this blog, we highlight the best tech and design Kickstarter projects of 2019 that we think are totally worth a try.

Best tech and design Kickstarter projects of 2019
The FOLDEAT Modular Lunchbox When Packed

Over the last decade, Kickstarter has developed as one of the highest-grossing platforms on the web. We’ve been a part of this community for the past seven years, so we totally understand why Kickstarter stands out in crowdfunding. From their simple yet detailed presentations to their strong approval policy, Kickstarter campaigns stand out. In fact, backers have pledged $4.4 billion on Kickstarter projects over the course of the last ten years.

When it comes to our favorites, we couldn’t have them all in one blog if we hadn’t been strict with the category. We’ve chosen to highlight some of our favorite tech and design Kickstarter projects of 2019. Some of them stand out because of the concept, while others take something simple and turn it into an extraordinary campaign.

Square Off’s NEO & SWAP Automated AI Board Games

Board games on Kickstarter have always been a thing. But Square Off made the entire category even more popular with a spectacular design integrated with AI. This set of board games incorporates automated movements, meaning the pieces move on their own. Playing chess using this board game would be one unique experience altogether. It also includes globally connected gameplay so that you can challenge millions of users all around the world right from your board.

NASONI Da Vinci Water Fountain Faucet

Another design marvel we saw this year is the NASONI Da Vinci Water Fountain Faucet. It shoots water up, like a drinking fountain, instead of into the bowl of the sink. Made from high-quality components like ceramic disc valves and a PVD finish, this faucet reimagines traditional bathroom furnishings with a smart design approach. The Italian-inspired sink design will not just reduce bathroom germs but also conserve water.

You can have a closer look at the entire design from our Unboxing video:

Plevo B-One & D-One Series Smart Travel Bags

We’ve seen luggage designs introduced on Kickstarter time and again. Plevo was one of 2019’s highlights for us in this category because of its built-in smart lock technology. It includes facial identification, touch recognition, and Morse code. That way, you’ll have three different ways of keeping your belongings safe when you are traveling. They also come with removable battery packs, allowing you to charge your important devices wherever you are.

FOLDEAT Modular Lunchbox

Packing and eating on the go can be a hassle. That’s exactly what FOLDEAT aims to solve with its modular design. This lunchbox is packed with 15 unique features which include things like a phone holder, shoulder strap, liquid container, and so on. Once it unfolds, the lunchbox becomes a full-sized eating mat which you can use to keep your meal on without messing up the place.

MAD Gaze GLOW Mixed Reality Smart Glasses

Remember when smart glasses became all the rage with the Google Glass but then the design kind of pulled it back? Over the years, that’s been one of the major reasons why smart glasses haven’t been received well. The SnapChat Spectacles did change the perspective with a sunglasses-like design, and that’s exactly what made MAD Gaze take off on Kickstarter. These glasses also provide you with an impressive 118-inch display, and they feature gesture control. Because they rest on your face, you never have to crane your neck to look at your device.

NiteLanding Lamp Aerial City Light-Up Art

Home decor has evolved over the years, thanks to the emerging design tech trend. Take this NiteLanding Lamp Aerial City Light-Up Art, for example. The 3D pieces of art make this frame look gorgeous even during the day. By night, however, the city lights up. So you still have an aerial view, but it’s as if everyone in the city has turned their lights on for the evening.

Ooni Karu Wood-Fired Portable Pizza Oven

Ooni has been known for its outdoor portable pizza ovens, and this year they took off on Kickstarter with the Ooni Karu. The coolest feature of this pizza oven is that it can make your pizza in less than 60 seconds. Yes, you heard that right. This is all thanks to the innovative yet precise design for optimal airflow and maximum heat retention. Additionally, the Ooni Karu is complete with a ceramic fiber-insulated stainless steel body as well as an extra-thick stone baking board.

KEMOVE Convertible Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

With swappable and universally compatible switches and keys, the KEMOVE wireless mechanical keyboard is a perfect DIY piece for your workspace. You can easily customize it based on your typing or gaming preference, as and when required. The ultra durable PBT keycaps are also great to the touch.

Best tech and design Kickstarter projects of 2019

KEMOVE Convertible Wireless Mechanical Keyboard in Black with Red Border

Urbie Air 3-in-1 Advanced Indoor Air Purifier

Air purifiers have been the rage for quite some time now. We were obsessed with Clairylast year, and this year Urbie came as a breath of fresh air. It works in three different ways to clean the air around you. There are also five smart sensors that ensure it’s always working efficiently. These include tracking the air quality, humidity, temperature, water tank level, and the thirst of the plant inside.

Moment Air Anamorphic Drone Accessories

Moment has been known for its exquisite quality iPhone lens that were first crowdfunded on Kickstarter. Following that, they have had numerous campaigns and what stood out this year were these Moment Air Anamorphic Drone Accessories. Including a lens, filter, and case for DJI drones, this collection will give you cinema-quality shots. By providing crisp footage and high-quality light flares, this anamorphic drone lens will make you ready to shoot a movie. Built for the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom, this lens gives you a wide-angle shot and horizontal flare.

Ode Brew Home Coffee Grinder

If you want to go for a cafe-quality grinder for your home, the Ode Brew is totally worth a try. This grinder has been solely designed to perfect your daily brewed coffee—be it pour-over, French press, cold brew, and more. At the same time, the design and mechanism also focus on performing above the competition in cleanliness and quietness. Some of the main features include 4mm professional-grade flat burrs, 31 grind settings, and Single Dose Loading for maximum bean freshness.

HELLO 2 Encrypted Video Communication Device

They launched their first version a couple of years back and it was a great success among the digital nomad community. This year they came up with version 2 of the HELLO video communication device. The TV companion turns any TV into a powerful communication tool for screen sharing, video conferencing, digital whiteboarding, and more. Likewise, you can use HELLO 2 for gaming, live broadcasting, and TV streaming. Complete with Amazon Alexa and Google Voice Assistant, HELLO 2 can also be used for home automation. Featuring four far-field beamforming microphones, 4K HDR video sensor, and six-element lens, HELLO 2 ensures high-quality audio and video captures.

Hexbot Versatile Desktop Robot Arm

This all-in-one device makes it easy for you to draw, 3D print, and laser engrave on your existing work desk. Made for designers, makers, and other types of creators, Hexbot has a 0.05mm high repeatability. Featuring a patented decelerator, Hexbot decreases the gap between gears. Thanks to its functional modular design, the versatile desktop robotic arm easily completes any task.

Genius Pack Supercharged Carry-On Luggage

Outfitted with loads of convenient features, this bag will totally upgrade your travel experience. Ultra-light and airline-approved, the Genius Pack Supercharged weighs just 6.8 lbs. and is complete with a removable 10,000mAh Power Pack. Perfect for trips of any length, the bag has two external USB ports so you can top up all your devices even on the go. The exterior also features a durable 100% polycarbonate shell as well as a combination lock and eight 360-degree spinning wheels.

We also unboxed the Genius Pack, and you must watch the video to get a clear picture of this product.

ONE Mini Pocket Multilingual Assistant

If you love traveling like us, you’d know how useful a multilingual assistant can be. This all-in-one device integrates voice recording, multilingual speech-to-text, AI translation, and a live interpreter service. You’ll no longer have to click between inadequate translation apps on your smartphone. For simple and short conversation, AI-powered translation supports two-way voice translation between 12 languages in real-time, with 97% accuracy.

Verdeat Personalized Home Garden

Growing your own food is definitely the future of sustainability. This organic growing toolprovides you with chemical-free farming of 76 plants at once. From basil to thyme and beet to radish microgreens, you’ll enjoy a low-maintenance way to have year-round access to fresh food. It doesn’t matter what the weather is outside, this home gardening device still grows produce without requiring much energy.

With that said, we’d now like to know which were the best tech and design Kickstarter projects of 2019 according to you? Share with us in the comments below.

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