Don’t buy these gadgets until January 10

Don’t buy these gadgets until January 10

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This might sound a bit odd but don’t buy these gadgets before January 10, 2020. Considering CES 2020 is around the corner, it’s best to wait until most of the new gadgets are out.

Don’t buy these gadgets until January 10
The LG Real 8K OLED Ultra HD TV in a Living Room

For the past few years, we’ve been planning our entire year’s worth of gadgets based on the CES announcements. Yes, a lot of the tier-one brands do make keynotes around the year but what you hear at CES helps you gauge everything that’s coming up in that particular year. Last year we heard a lot about foldable and 5G phones and towards the end of 2019, we’d say it’s been okay so far. But CES isn’t just about breakthrough technologies. It’s also about new versions of already existing tech which you might want to upgrade to in the next months.

So, if you are planning to buy new tech in any of these following categories, we’d say don’t buy these gadgets until January 10, 2020, when CES is over. Let’s just wait it out and see all that’s coming up before heading for a brand new purchase.

Now, it’s still not clear how many new gadgets we’d get to see at CES 2020 but based on recent announcements, we’ve rounded up a few categories and product types that might just blow up huge on the CES 2020 floor at Las Vegas, USA.

Smarter 8K TVs

As compared to the last year’s LG Rollable OLED TV, we aren’t sure what’s coming up this year but based on recent announcements, the LG Real 8K OLED Ultra HD TV seems like a great upgrade. While other devices haven’t yet met this certification, this 8K Ultra HD television has a whopping 33 million active pixels. And this is simply the minimum requirement to achieve this certification—the LG Ultra HD 8K TVs may well exceed it.

Don’t buy these gadgets until January 10

LG Real 8K OLED Ultra HD TV in a Home Setup

And, TVs aren’t confined to LG alone. We’ll also get to see brands like Panasonic, Samsung, Vizio, and more come up with exciting brands for you to explore.

Voice-Assistant Enabled Smart Home

In CES 2019, we saw Kohler live up to the concept of voice-assistant enabled smart homes with their Alexa-enabled toilet and the smart faucet system for the kitchen. CES 2020 might just take that approach one step further with even smarter voice-enabled devices and systems to upgrade your overall smart home experience even more.

One brand other than Kohler we look up to for smarter home experiences would be Whirlpool and their outstanding tech concepts for a connected future home.

Laser Projectors and Soundbars

Considering home entertainment being at the top sport for new innovation, laser projectors and soundbars have had some great upgrades in CES 2019. We saw the JBL Link Bar as well as the VAVA 4K Laser Projector as some of the best highlights in the category. This year we’re expecting to see these devices with even better audio and video quality plus smarter integrations with smart home standards.

AR and VR Upgrades

We know it’s been a long struggle to get these technologies in the mainstream world of gadgets but we don’t think it’s going to stop upgrading unless it gets there. Some interesting projects we saw at CES 2019 were the HTC VIVE Cosmos PC VR system as well as the Rokid AR Glass Project. We can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for CES 2020.

Smart Health Devices

From smart kettlebells to deep sleep headband and body-mind health trackers, CES 2019 showed us a lot of innovative health tech devices you can easily use in your everyday life. So, if you are planning to grab a health tech gadget sometime soon, wait till the CES 2020 announcements are over.

True Wireless Headphones

Every year, from big brands like Bose to medium-sized brands like Pioneer and Beyerdynamic, launch their yearly audio lineup at the CES stage. Some of our favorites from the CES 2019 launches would be the Pioneer E8 and the Beyerdynamic Xelento.

Don’t buy these gadgets until January 10

Pioneer E8 Wireless Earphones

PC and Gaming Gear

Any CES is never complete without PCs and gaming gear. Most of these are announced a day or two before the actual event begins to give an idea about the entire lineup. From brands like ASUS, HP, Lenovo as well as Razer, you will get to see a lot of gaming gear as well as laptops and PCs on the CES 2020 stage. So, if you are willing to grab a new gaming gadget or laptop, this isn’t the right time to go for that upgrade.

One of the launches we’ve already heard is the LG UltraFine Ergo Swiveling Display series. Designed with a swiveling and tilting hinge, this monitor also installs quickly and easily thanks to its clamp attachment. If you spend a lot of time working at your computer, this ergonomic LG display will help you stay comfortable. Avoid back and neck pain and strain with this computer monitor, which you can pull forward closer to you or push back toward its stand.


Whether it be the Sony Aibo from CES 2018 or the Groove X Lovot from CES 2019, robots have always been an attractive addition to the show for years now. However, since personal robots have not had much improvements or upgrades in this year, we can’t wait to see what’s new in 2020.

iPhone Accessories

Well, if you are an ardent follower of CES trends, you’ll know that it isn’t about high-tech brands only. Accessory brands like Belkin, Moshi, Mophie do make an important part of this tech show by highlighting interesting mobile accessories for the year ahead.

One of such products that caught our attention at CES 2019 was the Belkin BOOST UP Wireless iPhone Charging Pad. Specifically designed for the wireless charging iPhones, this charging pad is totally convenient. Simply plug it into a power source and drop your phone into place. The built-in charging technology gives you a safe and reliable charge instantly. With the power of Belkin, the BOOST UP Charging Pad will never overheat or prematurely shut down.

Smart Tires

The year 2020 is going to be Bridgestone’s first year at CES and they seem to be all packed with exciting announcements. In fact, TJ Higgins, vice president and senior officer, global Chief Strategic Officer, Bridgestone, said in an interview with Forbes, “The CES event gives us a great opportunity to really showcase some of these solutions to improve safety, improve uptime and maintain efficiency, to make mobility more seamless.”

Among the products that are lined up in their queue, the most exciting ones seem to be the airless tires and smart tires as of now.

And we know we haven’t covered every trend from CES 2020 in this list but we’ve tried our best to enlist the ones that we think are truly going to be a gamechanger in tech for 2020.

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