How can crowdfunding project promotion boost your campaign?

How can crowdfunding project promotion boost your campaign?

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The promotion of a crowdfunding campaign should ideally begin even before you launch your project. With these platforms and services, you can learn more about the crowdfunding project promotion process to make your campaign a success.

How can crowdfunding project promotion boost your campaign?
Best Crowdfunding Project Promotion Services / Credits: Austin Diesel via Unsplash

Why is it that out of all the incredible crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter, only a select few become big names such as Oculus Rift (which has now made its way to being another Facebook acquisition) or Avegant Glyph? The answer: crowdfunding promotion.

Promotion is indeed a vital task which, if done well, can launch your project towards success. From before you even launch to after you’ve been overfunded, promoting your crowdfunding campaign takes effort (and the right kind of effort).

Right from planning your pre-launch campaign phase to the ongoing promotion plus the post-launch fulfillment, it’s a continuous process which you must perfect.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled 11 of the best websites that can best help you promote your crowdfunding project.

But before we dive into the details of these crowdfunding project promotion services, let’s take a look at some of the most important tips and tricks you need to follow to nail your campaign presentation.

– First things first: make sure your campaign page title and sub-title clearly describe the product in a few words. It should be concise yet informative because most of your viewers will first stumble upon the title and sub-title of your campaign. The more detailed they are, the easier it will be for the viewers to understand your campaign type. So for example, if you are doing a campaign on an RFID-blocking smart wallet, the title of the campaign needs to include the name of the product followed by the fact that it’s an RFID-blocking smart wallet.

– Next up is the campaign video. There are two things you need to consider while doing a video. Firstly, your video needs to highlight the motive behind your project and should have you and your team in the frame to give it a personal touch. Secondly, the video should also highlight the product features in detail to add more clarity. Finally, you need to ensure the featured image that overlays the video focuses on the product in its best frame. Altogether, this will make a great campaign video that can draw more and more viewers to your campaign page.

– After the campaign title and video, you need to consider the whole description of the campaign. There should be a narrative approach because crowdfunding is all about sharing your stories with the masses. So, you should first begin with your story followed by the product features and, finally, add a proper delivery timeline and future plans to make your project more credible.

– Next up are the images and GIFs to add to your page. Over the years, we have seen that campaigns with more lifestyle images have a higher chance of success because those images showcase the product in real life. Along with white background images, lifestyle images help the viewers relate to using your product, increasing the likelihood of them backing your campaign.

– The pledge reward chart is also important because it’s the area where your users are actually going to back your project. As such, you need to prepare and balance out the pricing so that every backer feels special no matter the tier. This is particularly crucial for those who will back you first. There should be a highly discounted pre-order price for early backers which will not only help you get those initial funds faster but also make your first backers feel more appreciated.

– Throughout the campaign, you’ll have updates which means you need to update your backers and potential backers. Make use of the updates section but also send the update to anyone on your newsletter list to keep everyone informed.

– Finally, beyond keeping up with your campaign presentation, you also need to make sure your social media presence is consistent during your campaign (and even after). This will help you stay in touch with your backers and continue to build your brand credibility.

Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign on Gadget Flow

Gadget Flow is the number one platform for discovering the best products on the market and staying up to date with the latest product releases and crowdfunding projects. With support for AR and VR, users can see products like never before. Gadget Flow has featured over 4,000 crowdfunding campaigns since 2012 and we’re even listed as an expert company on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Reaching over 25M people per month with the web platform, our mobile apps help users discover new products and projects from anywhere. Likewise, we have a large reach through our engaging social media channels and newsletter lists. For campaign creators, it’s one of the best ways to introduce your hardware and design products to an actively engaged community.

Big brands such as HP and DJI as well as thousands of crowdfunding projects trust Gadget Flow with their product promotion. There are a variety of packages to choose from to suit your promotional needs. Plus, you can begin promotions before you even launch your campaign. There are just a couple of steps to submit your product.

Additionally, there are also two other services from Gadget Flow called Crowdinsight and Unboxing that can help you get more exposure for your campaign. Crowdinsight can give you some essential feedback from industry experts about your campaign presentation. And, Unboxing is about promoting your product through a detailed video. Both these features can help crowdfunding projects get more exposure and feedback for creating a great crowdfunding campaign.

How can crowdfunding project promotion boost your campaign?

Gadget Flow Online Promotion Services

Facebook Ads

If you’re doing ads yourself, don’t overlook the biggest social media platform on the planet. Facebook gives you a plethora of options to make sure you get the most out of your money. While designing your ads, make sure to do split tests at the ad set level. This will help you identify the most engaging audience base for your campaign. From there, move to split testing at the ad level to design the perfect ad. In addition to traditional ads, Facebook Messenger is becoming the next big channel for brand promotion through audience engagement. Fetch&Funnel is an agency that helps you develop your Facebook Ads as well as create the perfect Messenger bot setup for your crowdfunding campaign. Potential backers can communicate with your Facebook bot to find out more about the product and be directed right to your campaign page. It’s a great way to create personalized communication for a variety of potential backers.


BackerClub is a platform that bridges the gap between backers and campaign creators. How it works is simple. Once you join the platform and launch a project, all you have to do is offer a specific pledge for BackerClub backers. This can be a price discount, a free add-on item, or an upgraded reward tier. As an exclusive club for serial backers, the average BackerClub member has backed 104 crowdfunding projects. Suffice to say, BackerClub puts your campaign in front of the right people.


Before launching your project, it’s essential to test the quality of your campaign presentation. Hyperstarter does this for Kickstarter campaigns to offer you incredible insight. This marketing and analysis tool will help you identify a number of problems with your campaign page. From there, you are able to fix any issues with your campaign page as well as find influencers and backers in your product niche. Once you submit, your campaign is listed on the website for potential backers to see.


Targeted advertising on Facebook can be challenging which is why CrowdReach is a total savior. The idea began after Zack Brown raised $55,000 for his ‘potato salad’ campaignback in 2014. Their targeted advertising puts your campaign in front of the right people so you can be sure its generating true interest. Depending on the stage of your campaign (pre-launch or after launch), you can choose to apply their services either to get more subscribers or drive more pledges.


Salvador Briggman, the founder of CrowdfundingPR, is passionate about the crowdfunding industry and helping creators reach more people as well as their fundraising goals. Briggman started with CrowdCrux – a knowledge base to provide creators with marketing tips and promotional resources. With that knowledge under his belt, he’s moved onto CrowdfundingPR. It offers the tools campaign creators need to reach success. Starting with creating a press release, you can reach more people by enhancing your search engine visibility. From there, top journalists and bloggers can pick up the details of your campaign to help spread the word. The press release service is free, or you can opt for additional features for even more reach and success.


This is a great place for backers to get exclusive deals on Kickstarter-funded projects. It helps backers keep an eye on which projects to support and which projects to reconsider before pledging. For campaign creators, it’s a lucrative place for you to promote your project thanks to the strong backer base. The community in BackersHub is full of active crowdfunding site users all looking for campaigns to back, making it a prime place to begin your promotions.

How can crowdfunding project promotion boost your campaign?

Backershub Community of Over 10,000 Backers

Green Inbox

One of the best ways to jumpstart your campaign is by reaching out to your personal contacts from the very beginning. However, in order to reach them on social media, you’d need to create ads as the organic reach of traditional posts is limited. Green Inbox solves this by letting you send messages to all of your social media contacts at once. You can choose each of the friends you’d like to message (or you can select all), and you can even personalize it.


At Kickbooster, the aim is to simplify the marketing aspect of your crowdfunding campaign. The service allows campaign creators to run a referral program during their crowdfunding campaign which provides an incentive for backers to share and promote your campaign. Kickbooster makes crowdfunding campaign marketing so much easier. Signing up for Kickbooster is a snap; all you need to do is click on the “Try Kickbooster for free” button on the Kickbooster home page and follow the simple steps. After you have successfully set up your account, you will be presented with a unique campaign page where you can direct your boosters and offer them incentives for sharing your campaign.

This is one of the coolest forums where you can like, share, and comment on existing Kickstarter projects or share your own. There are certain rules and regulations you need to follow in order to be a part of the platform, which makes it more exclusive.

CrowdFund Buzz

CrowdFund Buzz produces PR and social media content for crowdfunding campaigns. With a slogan that says they “they bring the crowd to your crowdfunding project,” it’s a great way to reach millions of potential backers.

Along with these great websites, we would also like to share some more useful resources with you which can add to your overall campaign promotion:

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So much goes into having a successful crowdfunding campaign and you have to do things right. And, promoting your product can be easy when you choose the right crowdfunding project promotion platforms. Check out our entire crowdfunding checklist for more information and inspiration.

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