COLIBRY - Threading Epilator (Delivery in 28 days)
COLIBRY - Threading Epilator (Delivery in 28 days)
COLIBRY - Threading Epilator (Delivery in 28 days)
COLIBRY - Threading Epilator (Delivery in 28 days)
COLIBRY - Threading Epilator (Delivery in 28 days)
COLIBRY - Threading Epilator (Delivery in 28 days)

COLIBRY - Threading Epilator (Delivery in 28 days)

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Smooth your skin with no pain, irritation, or batteries. Use threading to remove body hair and get pleasant and long lasting epilation!

  • Delicate on the skin without irritation, actually stimulating.
  • Micro-circulation under skin tissue.
  • Epilates with long duration and weakens the hair.
  • Ecological, doesn't need batteries and doesn't produce waste.
  • Precise clearly for because epilated parts.

Say Goodbye to Depilation. Welcome Threading Epilation!

Do you know that Depilation and Epilation have two different meanings? Depilation removes hair at just the surface, while epilation removes the entire hair and lasts longer than depilation.

Here you can find the smartest and chicest tool for epilation: COLIBRY removes body hair follicles, delaying the re-growth until follicles bulbs are reformed.

COLIBRY uses the ancient hair removal technique of threading and makes it smarter. 

Conventional Hair Removal Technique Pain Points

Let's be honest: how much do you struggle to remove body hair? How much do you spend on body care? No matter the answer. What we know is that:

Razors and Chemicals are as fast as dangerous, and hair grow faster and stronger. This method cannot be included in the hashtag #bodycare.

Waxing and Electric Epilators are as efficient as painful, not even yet to consider they both waste materials and energy; they also affect aggressively on the skin, thereby causing irritation.

Electroepilators and Laser are even more dangerous and infinitely more expensive. Above all, "burning" the skin is quite far from the idea of natural beauty.

That's why COLIBRY is committed to threading epilation, because the ancient tradition is still the best option that we have to remove body hair efficiently. In modern times, all efforts to make an efficient tool for threading are not enough. We've tried them all, but they didn't work as well as we expected.

COLIBRY Features 

COLIBRY is a whole new concept: it's delicate on the skin without irritation, actually stimulating micro-circulation under skin tissue; it epilates with long duration and weakens the hair; it's ecological because it doesn't need battery and doesn't produce waste; it's precise because you can see clearly where you are epilating; and it's economic because you only need COLIBRY, and voilà - it's done.


This technique of hair removal is possible thanks to a durable thread which is rolled up on itself forming a small spiral: rendering hair uprooting possible because hair remains trapped following the hand movement.

Colibry is designed to save time and allows you to easily move around removing even the shortest hair on the skin.

COLIBRY is very simple, and very efficient

The passage is rapid. You won't believe how pleasant it is.

Who Tried It First?

"You designed it, so you try it!" - said everyone ever.

And so I let the designers test COLIBRY on themselves first, turns out, it worked wonderfully even on strong hair, and even for men.

 "I used to wax my legs when I was a football player. I remember so much pain. But Colibry is different: just a constant tickle on the skin. And then smoothness.."

"..obviously I epilated my entire body after this shot"

COLIBRY is so manageable that you can use it on different occasions, starting from a self-application on the legs.

The hair on the arms won't be a problem anymore. Usually they are the weakest, and few epilation will be enough for preventing re-growth

COLIBRY will be distributed to beauty salons too, so there will be more threading epilation services in town. Let your beauty specialist know about Colibry: we are offering special deals for epilation services!

No matter the gender, color or pain tolerance.. COLIBRY takes off every kind of hair, from any kind of skin surface.  

Available Color: Black , White

Package Contents:

- 1 Epilator
- 3 boxes Replacing Threads. (each box contains 6 threads)