EAROS ONE - In-Ear Protection Solution for Music Enthusiasts (Delivery in 28 days)
EAROS ONE - In-Ear Protection Solution for Music Enthusiasts (Delivery in 28 days)
EAROS ONE - In-Ear Protection Solution for Music Enthusiasts (Delivery in 28 days)
EAROS ONE - In-Ear Protection Solution for Music Enthusiasts (Delivery in 28 days)
EAROS ONE - In-Ear Protection Solution for Music Enthusiasts (Delivery in 28 days)
EAROS ONE - In-Ear Protection Solution for Music Enthusiasts (Delivery in 28 days)
EAROS ONE - In-Ear Protection Solution for Music Enthusiasts (Delivery in 28 days)
EAROS ONE - In-Ear Protection Solution for Music Enthusiasts (Delivery in 28 days)

EAROS ONE - In-Ear Protection Solution for Music Enthusiasts (Delivery in 28 days)

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Attractive hearing protection for music connoisseurs. Fits your ears and your lifestyle perfectly, without sacrificing music quality.

  • PROTECTION - Offers attenuation of 17 dB+ (NRR rated), helping you protect your ears from harmful decibels.
  • FIDELITY - Designed with patented passive technology that delivers rich, resonant sound, enabling you to remain immersed in the full spectrum of sound frequencies for an enhanced listening experience.
  • COMFORT - The soft outer body sits comfortably in the ear, even during an extended use of many hours. The outer edge of the product lays flush against the ear for a smooth fit. Unique Concha Tab ensures product remains securely in place for full functionality.
  • DESIGN - EAROS ONE is distinctive in both function and form. Its advanced engineering offers an aesthetically beautiful, sleek design to accompany its outstanding performance.
  • ACCESSIBILITY - Right and left semi-custom design with small and large eartips is engineered to fit 90% of all ears, which eliminates the need for a time-consuming and expensive trip to the audiologist for custom fitting.

EAROS ONE is the best hearing protection product on the market, filtering out harmful decibels without sacrificing your ability to communicate and enjoy high-fidelity music and sound. Whether you're attending a loud concert or trying to focus while working from home, stay safe in sound with EAROS ONE.

Music lovers often feel as if they have to choose between protecting their ears and enjoying the full range of acoustics at a concert or club. But what if you could enjoy the full spectrum of sound at reduced decibel levels?

With the future of music in mind, we created a revolutionary in-ear protection solution that is designed to allow good sound in, while keeping damaging sound out. Say goodbye to harmful levels of noise with no distortion of sound or quality.

Using high quality medical grade composite plastics instead of traditional foam, EAROS ONE filters and reduces sound levels using its patent pending Soundbore design. The full spectrum of sound passes through to your inner ear but at reduced decibel levels, protecting your sensitive hearing from accumulating damage and even hearing loss. 

Designed with comort in mind, the EAROS ONE was designed with left and right orientation; a revolutionary new product feature that's a first in the market. With traits such as soft concha tabs for a more secure fit, EAROS ONE fits users of various size needs. Its patent pending design uses a resonant Soundbore that carries audio to the ear for excellent sound fidelity.

Traditional foam earplugs muffle and distort sound quality. On the other hand, EAROS ONE is composed of a dense plastic that uniquely balances frequency attenuation with frequency boost to provide realistic sound perception. 

EAROS ONE attenuates enough to protect hearing and no more - we expect an average of 25 dB attenuation. This comes from the deeper fit as allowed by a left and right orientation and the two different size tips. A better fit equals superior protection and comfort.

  • 85 Decibels (dB) - the "Action Level" where hearing protection is required.
  • 90 dB - the OSHA, 8 hour average exposure limit. 
  • 100 dB - exposures longer than 15 minutes are not recommended.
  • 110 dB - regular exposure of more than 1 minute risks permanent hearing loss.

EAROS’ accompanying app works with your smartphone to test the sound levels of your environment to see whether or not the sound level is at a potentially damaging decibel level.

This sound analysis technology will let you know whether or not you need to use your EAROS ONE to protect your hearing. If needed, you can simply put in your EAROS and enjoy fidelity of audio — without damaging your ears. The app will also let you know how long you can stay in a venue while remaining safe for your hearing.

Attenuation of the EAROS ONE earplug. All sounds are reduced, with the patent pending Soundbore providing a resonant peak in the 3000 Hz region to facilitate speech communication in noisy environments.

An “acoustical hangover” is the familiar unpleasant ringing sensation in your ears that can last for hours after you’ve spent some time in a noisy environment. That noise isn’t just annoying - it can actually be indicative that serious damage has been done to your hearing.

Many earplugs are not inserted correctly, which leaves the ear vulnerable to hearing damage. We worked with leading ear scientist Dr. Wayne Staab, acoustical engineer John Aceti, acoustic consultants from Acentech, and the head of the MIT Acoustical Engineering Department, Prof. Richard Lyon. All of these experts have an intimate understanding of the ear so that we could design a product that WORKS!

It is designed to be easy to insert and also fit comfortably and securely. This way, you get custom-quality sound attenuation and comfort — without the price tag to match.



EAROS ONE is composed of multiple materials to create the perfect sound and fit, with no batteries required. Unlike most other earplugs, EAROS has a left and right side version, since your left and right ears are different. It has a soft concha tab for secure fit and comfort, as well as an internal Soundbore for high fidelity music with attenuated sound levels. There are both small and large soft tips for a more optimal fit and snug placement.