Kompact - A Simple Pressing Hot & Cold Brewer (Delivery in 28 days)
Kompact - A Simple Pressing Hot & Cold Brewer (Delivery in 28 days)
Kompact - A Simple Pressing Hot & Cold Brewer (Delivery in 28 days)
Kompact - A Simple Pressing Hot & Cold Brewer (Delivery in 28 days)
Kompact - A Simple Pressing Hot & Cold Brewer (Delivery in 28 days)
Kompact - A Simple Pressing Hot & Cold Brewer (Delivery in 28 days)
Kompact - A Simple Pressing Hot & Cold Brewer (Delivery in 28 days)

Kompact - A Simple Pressing Hot & Cold Brewer (Delivery in 28 days)

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A Revolutionary Portable Press-typed Coffee Brewer.

  • Portability - Compact with Airlock cap. No scales needed.
  • High Pressure - Zero-friction of bellows, easy and light press.
  • Safe - Lower pressing point, single-side open, and no leaks.
  • Cold Brew - Cold brew on-the-go with Airlock cap.
  • Cup-free - Irrelevant to cup types, even squeezing on flat-dishes is possible.
  • Pump Mechanism - Perfect cleaning of micro-holes (filter) with bellows’ pumping action.
  • Eco-Friendly - Etched stainless Micro Filter & commercial paper filter compatible.

Cafflano® Kompact is an advanced press-typed (immersion) coffee brewer, which consists of silicone Bellows Chamber (easy & efficient power transmitting press chamber) with a foldable Press Guide, ultra-fine etched stainless Micro Filter, and Airlock to keep it compact and to enable cold brew on-the-go.

It's a simple pressing, hot & cold brewer!

Cafflano® Kompact Specifications

Cafflano® Kompact is compact, just like its model name, and it weighs only 220g. Its height is only 61mm when shrunk and 122mm with full set up. Its diameter is 108mm to be able to use on most size of cups. Making this smallest press-typed coffee brewer in the world was possible thanks to utilizing silicon bellows as its press chamber. Not only portability, but we focused on making a brewer that is safer and enables precise pressing. Cafflano® Kompact has single open-side architecture to prevent steam or hot water leakage and foldable press guide enhances safety.

[Cafflano® Kompact Specifications]

Silicon Bellows Chamber

Cafflano® Kompact uses silicon bellows that have never been used on any kind of coffee equipment before. They were adopted to make brewing easier and efficiently transmit maximum pressure onto brewed coffee within the chamber. The bellows provide many benefits that other press-typed coffee brewers cannot offer; ① creates more pressure with easy-to-hold squeezing handle, and ② totally irrelevant to cup types; even brewing on a flat dish is possible. The bellows are made of food grade silicone and their high melting point of 220°C and pumping-enabled structure make it easier to clean the Micro Filter and the chamber. You can put maximum 270ml of water into the Bellows Chamber, but we recommend you to put 200ml for a single brew coffee. They are also dishwashable!

[Bellows Chamber helps check brewing status]

[Two different modes of brewing]

Etched Micro Filter

Cafflano® Kompact's filter is made of stainless steel on which micro holes were chemically etched and thus, no paper filters are required (If needed, existing commercial paper filters can be used). Its in-mould frame protects the thin micro filter from damages.

[Etched Micro Filter of Cafflano® Kompact]

Cold Brew

Another big advantage of Cafflano® Kompact is being a cold brewer that can be taken along anywhere. Making and carrying cold brew has never been easier thanks to Cafflano® Kompact's spill-free airlock cap, not to mention its portability.

Just put coffee grounds into Cafflano® Kompact, add room temperature or cold temperature water and close the airlock cap. You can then leave it for over 5 hours minimum and simply press to brew whenever, wherever.

How about bringing a thermos flask with full of ice cubes to enjoy icy cold brew with Cafflano® Kompact?

[Cold Brew is easy with Cafflano® Kompact, @Muir Woods]

Hard case (Pouch)

Cafflano® Kompact comes with a luxurious black fabric hard case that protects from scratches and damages.

[Cafflano® Kompact Hard Case]

Color Variations : Black

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