Liberty+ - The First Zero-Compromise Total-Wireless Earphones (Delivery in 28 days)
Liberty+ - The First Zero-Compromise Total-Wireless Earphones (Delivery in 28 days)
Liberty+ - The First Zero-Compromise Total-Wireless Earphones (Delivery in 28 days)
Liberty+ - The First Zero-Compromise Total-Wireless Earphones (Delivery in 28 days)
Liberty+ - The First Zero-Compromise Total-Wireless Earphones (Delivery in 28 days)

Liberty+ - The First Zero-Compromise Total-Wireless Earphones (Delivery in 28 days)

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The world’s first total-wireless earphones
with applied graphene driver technology.

  • Sublime Comfort & Fit.
  • Graphene-Enhanced Sound.
  • Virtually-Unbreakable Bluetooth Connection.
  • Unrivaled Playtime.
  • Instant Setup & Pairing.
  • Voice-Controlled AI.

For people like us with true passion for music
For people like us with true passion for music

We’ve achieved breathtaking audio fidelity thanks to a lab-created material called Graphene; a nanosheet with 100 times the hardness of steel yet only a fraction of the weight. Through laboratory tests, we discovered applying a layer of graphene to a dynamic driver created an astonishing improvement in sound quality.

As the graphene-coated driver vibrates back and forth to create sound, its extra rigidity and lightness ensure precision oscillation. The result: superior sound across the entire frequency spectrum; with a dramatic enhancement for treble and overall clarity.

Everyone’s ears are different. How will we make sure Liberty+ fits everyone, perfectly?

We spent over a year analyzing thousands of ears, inserting hundreds of earphones, and squeezing seemingly infinite eartips. It appeared that a suitable material was beyond current technology. Eventually though, our perseverance paid off as we struck audiological gold.

The Perfect Fit

Liberty+’s in-ear comfort is guaranteed thanks to eartips engineered from liquid-silicon. Softer and more pliable than standard tips, they gently slide into and adapt to any and all ears. The extra-secure seal offers superior sound and isolation with zero discomfort.

GripFit Technology

The task of inserting total-wireless earphones has turned listening pleasure into arduous frustration. And once they’re finally in, it can still feel like a gentle breeze might pull them out.

To create an instant, rock-solid fit we developed GripFit technology; exclusively for Liberty+. With its innovatively designed casing, Liberty+ slide in then twist to create an exceedingly secure yet comfortable hold.

Liberty+ will use the same wireless communication technology as satellites and drones. The specialized hardware is known as an LDS antenna. Instead of being an independent component of the device, we’ve devised a way for the Bluetooth antenna to integrate with the earphone body itself. This larger surface area means a stronger connection. A stronger connection means music is streamed flawlessly. No skips, no drops.

Bluetooth 5.0 is the ubiquitous wireless technology’s latest iteration. At the time of its release, Liberty+ will be one of the only devices to take advantage of its features.

  • Doubled data transmission speed
  • Bigger range
  • 800% increase in data-transfer capacity

Liberty+’s LDS antenna and Bluetooth 5.0 technology synergize to offer unbreakable connectivity within a 10m range.

With Liberty+ using such cutting-edge hardware, it is essential that the software is intuitive and effortless to use—both on iOS and Android. Using some innovative coding and a huge amount of patience, we have streamlined Liberty+’s pairing process down to 2 simple steps: Push and Go.

After the initial pairing, Liberty+ will automatically connect to your phone as soon as you remove them from the case.

Liberty+ Shuts Off When Inserted Into Charging Case
Liberty+ Shuts Off When Inserted Into Charging Case

And as you read this, we’ll still be hard at work improving Liberty+’s software further. We promise to create the world’s most user-friendly total-wireless earphones.

Incubating with Anker, the world leaders in portable power, is giving us exclusive access to some of the world's most advanced battery technology.

We're integrating their leading Li-ion cells and power management systems into Liberty+'s hardware. With this energy boost, playtime extends to around 6 or 7 complete music albums. And when Liberty+ runs dry, placing it in the included charging case pushes playtime to an incredible 48 hours.

Amazon’s Alexa voice-controlled AI not only gives immediate access to music streaming services, weather, news, traffic and other real-time information; it puts complete control of your home right at the tip of your tongue. Simply tap Liberty+ twice to access AI assistants.

Liberty+ will be fully compatible with the Alexa system via the iOS and Android app. With Siri also instantly accessible.

Liberty+’s extra-secure fit provides exceptional sound isolation from exterior noise. This offers the ideal listening experience but it can sometimes be important to hear the world around you.

With the touch of a button Liberty+ uses its external microphone to relay exterior sounds with flawless clarity.

Waterproof flagship phones are now the industry standard, so it only makes sense for your earphones to be able to go wherever your phone does.

Liberty+ will be engineered with waterproof casing and a specialized hydrophobic nano-coating to resist water ingress. Ideal for sweating it out at the gym or singing in the rain.

  • Liberty+ Charging Case
  • Liberty+ Total-Wireless Earphones
  • 4 x GripFit Jackets
  • 3 x EarTips
  • Micro USB Cable
1 year warranty