Phiz - 3D Scanner On Smartphone (Delivery in 28 days)
Phiz - 3D Scanner On Smartphone (Delivery in 28 days)
Phiz - 3D Scanner On Smartphone (Delivery in 28 days)
Phiz - 3D Scanner On Smartphone (Delivery in 28 days)

Phiz - 3D Scanner On Smartphone (Delivery in 28 days)

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Create extremely detailed digital assets. High-precision 3D scan using smartphone or laptop.

  • Work with smartphones regardless of their size or camera positions
  • Automatically adjusts its brightness and color temperature with ambient light to capture the true color of your object.
  • 3D model surface reconstruction.
  • Easy to use.

Phiz 3D scanner is compatible with all 3D printers in the market. The 3D scans can be sent straight to your 3D printer.

Phiz creates accurate 3D models. You can reverse-engineer an existing design, or even improve the current design.

Make your own "Toy Story". 3D model assets are the fundamentals for 3D animation or 3D game development. The accuracy of Phiz enables you to create detailed 3D assets out of your physical collections.

Phiz is not only a 3D scanner, but also a platform for all of us to share the stunning 3D scans and creations. KIRI Hub will be the home for sculptors, artists, and 3D technology enthusiasts. Imagine a place to find all the cool figurines for 3D printing, and the models are provided by real sculptors, artists, researchers, engineers who use Phiz to digitize their work.

Phiz is AR compatible. After creating 3D models, you can bring the digitization to the next level by importing them into AR or VR.

How did we do that?

Phiz 3D scanner has the patent-pending technology that allows the critical components of a 3D scanning system to be fully independent of each other. Thanks to this technology, Phiz can work with smartphones regardless of their size or camera positions. As a result, you can enjoy the high-resolution 3D scan at no extra costs.

Besides the patent-pending "independent design", our secret weapon is the machine learning algorithm running behind the curtain that constantly optimizes your 3D scan. Mathematically, it is a cross-validation algorithm called "data-driven regression". But thankfully, you don't need to understand any of those because Phiz is quietly doing everything for you. All you need to do is pressing the "scan" button.

"Laser-triangulation" 3D scanning is the most accurate approach to obtain 3D models, but "Photogrammetry" 3D scanning is the most realistic approach... Why not have the best of both worlds? Phiz 3D scanner is the first that takes the advantages from both "laser-triangulation" and "photogrammetry" to perform photo-realistic high-precision 3D scans.


Phiz turntable increments precisely at 0.18 degrees per step thanks to a unique harmonic drive system. Harmonic drive is a mechanical speed changing device, low backlash by design and provides high transmission accuracy. The harmonic drive system in the Phiz turntable features a sun gear and a flex gear, the flex gear has two fewer teeth than the sun gear. Because of the difference, the system provides 1:30 gearing reduction with minimal backlash and accuracy loss.

See more demo scans here:

Phiz takes color seriously. Phiz™ Smart Lighting automatically adjusts its brightness and color temperature with ambient light to capture the true color of your object.


Can you tell which one is the model? Phiz 3D scanner will revolutionize the AR industry by creating endless 3D AR content from the real world.

Phiz can help you find accurate and complex dimensions of physical objects for your engineering needs.

Phiz can help you quickly prepare the 3D models for 3D printing.

Unlike some other 3D scanners who only provide point cloud files. Phiz generates watertight meshes of the point cloud.

Each step, Phiz grabs over 1000 points along the laser line to represent the object profile, and there are 2000 steps during each 3D scan. Meaning Phiz generates up to 2 million vertices on the 3D model.

Most of the 3D scanners in the market have terrible user experience because those devices are designed for industrial use, not for individuals. At KIRI Innovation, we want to make sure 3D scan is as easy and fun as using the Snapchat.

It is very easy to 3D scan with Phiz, when scanning, Phiz takes consideration of ambient lighting, object surface reflectiveness, and scanning distance, then it automatically adjusts the parameters so that you can always get the best scan quality.


KIRI Innovation is working closely with Cloud 3D Print to make 3D printing slicer possible right in your smartphone. The 3D printing slicer will be featured in the future updates of Phiz App.

Imagine a place where you can find and download 3D scan models from the entire world. From figurines to artifacts and heritages. Phiz App is your key to thousands of 3D digital assets.