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BAYU Auto & Outdoor Smart Car Kit: All in 1 & 1 for All (Ready Stock)

BAYU Auto & Outdoor Smart Car Kit: All in 1 & 1 for All (Ready Stock)

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This is a brand-new product suite based on the concept of modular design, which can efficiently solve many problems we encounter in our home, car and outdoor life.

With this product, you won't have to worry about finding the right tool for your car's daily maintenance. It combines car washing, tyre pumping, vacuuming, mobile phone charging and torch functions in one unit, so you don't have to worry about a messy boot anymore!  Based on this power module, you can enjoy comfort while camping, travelling and at home.

All-in-One Wireless Car Tool Kit:  
Experience the ultimate convenience with our All-in-One Wireless Car Tool Kit. This comprehensive kit includes a wireless car vacuum cleaner,wireless phone charger, wireless inflator pump, wireless high-pressure car wash gun, and portable indoor/outdoor lighting. It's the perfect solution to meet all your car-related needs in one convenient package. 

Please join our group and discuss with us for an unexpected bonus.


It will eventually have more than 20 products. At present, we have only mass-produced 6 parts, a car washer, vacuum cleaners, tire inflator, glare flashlights, power bank, and mobile phone holders.

We believe it will bring you an unprecedented experience.

Check the product reviews below.

Effortless Efficiency for Every Task: Efficiency meets practicality with our car tool kit. From cleaning the interior to inflating tires and washing your car, our tools are designed to tackle multiple tasks with ease. Save time and effort with our high-performance tools that deliver exceptional results every time.

Built to Last, Reliable for the Long Term: We take pride in the outstanding quality and durability of our products. Crafted with precision and using premium materials, our car tool kit is built to withstand the test of time. Trust in its reliability for all your car maintenance needs, ensuring a long-lasting investment.

Versatility for Every Scenario: Our car tool kit is not limited to just car maintenance. It's a versatile companion for various scenarios. Whether you're camping, enjoying outdoor activities, or need portable lighting, our multi-purpose tools have got you covered. Experience the convenience and versatility of our car tool kit wherever you go.


A good car washing machine needs to balance 8 indicators such as water pressure, vibration, noise, battery life, volume, weight, water consumption, and service life. The internal pump body has a force of 200psi, which makes it can meet the water pressure requirements for car washing, reduce water consumption and increase battery life. In the end, its weight is only 1300g, and it can be easily held by hand to help us clean cars, motorcycles, bicycles, exterior walls, balconies, floors, etc.

With an ergonomic design, the power bank is arranged on the rear side, and the front-to-back weight ratio is 65:35, which effectively avoids the feeling of the tip of the gun falling during use, and the hands are not prone to fatigue when used for a long time.

The storage bag comes with a 5-meter-long water pipe and a 10L water bag, which is very convenient for car washing in various places. There is a filter at the other end of the water pipe, which can be washed directly by the stream.

Equipped with a 6-in-1 multi-function nozzle, it has 6 water outlet shapes, namely 0 degrees, 15 degrees, 25 degrees, 40 degrees, a shower head, and a large water column.

The maximum water pressure of the direct spray of the car washer is 200psi. Its water pressure is not the strongest on the market, but it can fully meet various cleaning needs, and its weight is only 1300g. The 40-degree nozzle has the largest flushing area.

It is equipped with a watering can that can adjust the size of the foam. After adding cleaning powder or cleaning liquid, it can spray dense foam.

When the power bank is out of power, the optional 5-meter-long car power cord can be used to power the car washer. With this cord, you don’t have to worry about the battery life of the car washer anymore.

Reminder: The 5-meter-long cable is not standard, it needs to be selected separately.

If you like to clean up your yard, it can be used to clean exterior walls and floors. It can also water your garden to make the lawn and flowers grow better.


When designing a vacuum cleaner, we consider most issues such as vacuum degree, vibration, noise, filtration capacity, and ease of cleaning. After the completion of the first engineering prototype, the vacuum degree has not reached the design standard. , motor and air duct are reset. After going through multiple versions, we will finally get a very good vacuum indicator. It has a super suction of 19500pa and can work continuously for 60 minutes at the same time, but its volume is only one It is the size of a Coca-Cola bottle and weighs only 660 grams. It can easily help us clean efficiently in the car and at home, and at the same time, it is very easy to store and carry.

It has two gears, the first gear is 11000pa, and the second gear is 19000pa, which can easily pump out the air in the bucket.

Has excellent battery life, the battery life of the first gear can reach 60 minutes.

It can easily deal with all kinds of debris in life and can be cleaned quickly every moment.

Equipped with an extension tube and a brush head, it can better clean every corner.

Built-in double-layer filter, the outer layer is a metal filter, and the inner layer is a HEPA filter.

Both the filter screen and the filter element can be washed and used repeatedly.

Both the filter screen and the filter element can be washed and used repeatedly. If you often travel long distances, you must often need to store clothes and so on in vacuum bags. It is a very efficient vacuum extractor.


When designing the air pump, we are most concerned about reliability, ultimate pressure, pumping efficiency, vibration, noise, heat dissipation, intelligence, volume and other indicators. The final mass-produced air pump has an air output of 38L/min. It can inflate cars, SUVs, large off-road vehicles, RVs, etc. It supports inflating the air pressure of car tires to 75psi and inflating bicycles to 150psi. It can inflate most car tires from 0psi to regular 36psi within 3-8 minutes.

When the tire pressure is alarming, we believe that a safe and reliable wireless air pump can provide better protection for driving. With efficient inflation speed, it takes about 60 seconds to inflate a 255/50R20 tire from 29PSI to 36PSI, and it takes 6 minutes to fill it from 0psi to 36psi, and it will automatically stop after full. The air pump lasts up to 40 minutes, from 0psi-36psi, and can fill up about 5-8 tires.

It is designed with four inflation modes, which are cars, bicycles, motorcycles, and ball games. With a high-precision tire pressure detection management chip, it will automatically stop when the set tire pressure is reached. There is also an LED light on the top of the air pump, which is more convenient for users to inflate at night. When the charging treasure is out of power, the air pump can be powered by the car through the optional 5-meter-long power cord.


If you like to ride, whether your bicycle is a French or British valve, the air pump can fill the tire pressure to 150PSI.

Equipped with 5 types of inflation joints: ball needle inflation nozzle, long inflation nozzle, short inflation nozzle, French air nozzle, and British bicycle air nozzle.

Large air beds can also be inflated through the self-contained adapter. Although the time may be a little slower, enough air pressure can be obtained.


On the side of the fuselage, we designed an internationally accepted 1/4-inch thread, which can be combined with most tripods, which is convenient for users to use in fishing and other scenes. 

It can adjust the focal length, stop at any position, and can illuminate a distance of more than 400 meters.

Super large aperture design, wider irradiation area.

5 gears are designed, strong light, standard light, low light, strobe, and SOS rescue signal, which can meet the needs of various outdoor application scenarios.

A separate detachable lampshade is designed, which can be changed from spotlight mode to astigmatism mode after installation, which is convenient for outdoor camping and car repair at night.

With the addition of an astigmatism lampshade, it can provide better lighting for emergency car repair at nightThe side of the fuselage is designed with an internationally accepted British 1/4 screw female interface, which can be used in conjunction with a bicycle bracket to become a bicycle light. When used as a riding light, the power bank can simultaneously quickly charge the mobile phone.

It can provide a lighting effect close to the headlights of a car, providing better security for night riding. Can be combined with a tripod to become a camping light.

If you are a photography enthusiast, you can also combine it with a tripod and use it as a spotlight or photography light.


The body of the power bank is designed with interfaces such as type-C, USB, wireless charging, and DC output. The interior uses an automotive-grade power battery pack with a large capacity of 19200mAh and a long battery life. It can work for a car washing machine for 40 minutes. Work on the vacuum cleaner for 60 minutes, work on the air pump for 40 minutes, work on the bright light for 9-20 hours, and charge 3 mobile phones. The battery management system is designed with overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent, short circuit, temperature and other protections, making it have excellent safety quality.

USB can provide a maximum output of 22.5W (5V@3.0A, 9V@2A, 12V@1.5A, etc.), support super-fast charging of some brands of mobile phones, and is compatible with DCP/QC2.0/QC3.0/FCP/AFC, etc. The fast charging protocol can charge various digital products.

The top is designed with 15W wireless charging output, compatible with WPC v1.2.4 standard, supports 5W alone, 9V supports 5W/7.5W/10W; 12V supports 5W/7.5W/10W/15W applications, and supports FOD foreign object detection function.

To facilitate the charging of the mobile phone while driving, we have designed a car mobile phone holder, which can be combined with a power bank and placed in the car cup holder, which can easily charge the mobile phone while driving. It can support mobile phones under 6.7 inches.

The DC interface supports 12V voltage and 120W power output, and with the adapter cable, it can provide powerful support for vehicle electrical appliances with a power lower than 120W.

The TYPE-C interface is input for charging the power bank, the maximum charging power is 18W, supports 5V@3.0A, 9V@2A, is compatible with QC2.0/QC3.0/FCP/AFC and other fast charging protocols, and about 4-6 Hours can be filled.

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