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NEW! Chime Note X: AI-Powered Recorder& Live Translator [PRE-ORDER: Delivery in September]

NEW! Chime Note X: AI-Powered Recorder& Live Translator [PRE-ORDER: Delivery in September]

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One-Click Recording: Chime Note X simplifies capturing meetings and lectures into concise voice notes and summaries.

Focus on Learning: Automates note-taking, allowing undivided attention in classes with organized notes for later review.

Boost work productivity: Streamline your tasks with advanced tools and strategies, enhancing the quality and speed of your work output.

Break Language Barriers: Offers instant translation in 107 languages for easy communication abroad.

When you're out and about and get a surprise important call, or you're in a meeting needing to jot things down, but don't have a pen or paper handy, Chime Note X has got you covered. Just hit its button to begin recording. It captures everything with clear sound and turns speech into text with great precision, so you can keep track of your conversations accurately. Forget about trying to remember details on your own.

Its "automatic summarization" feature is a game-changer for phone calls and lessons, converting details into bullet points. This means you can concentrate fully on listening, free from the hassle of jotting down notes.

Chime Note X, seamlessly integrated with ChatGPT, ensures precise transcription of speech no matter the speed, setting, or length. It offers 8 ChatGPT-powered intelligent scenarios to meet all your needs, effortlessly summarizing content.


Ever struggled to talk or understand people when you're in a different country? Don't stress. Chime Note can instantly translate between 108 languages. If you're facing a language barrier, it's no big deal – just let the other person speak, and Chime Note will be your high-quality translator, making sure you get exactly what they're saying.

Unlike other recorders that don't stick to your phone or charge it, Chime Note comes with a magnet for a secure attachment to your phone and can even recharge it in emergencies. If you find yourself in a bind, Chime Note steps up as a spare battery to keep your phone powered when it's most crucial with its 3000mAh battery capacity.

Chime Note X's slim 0.31-inch profile and light 80g body weight make it seamless to attach to the back of your phone, blending as if it were one with it, allowing for easy attachment.

Safeguard your privacy using our app, which encrypts your audio and text files securely before storing them on Google servers. Effortlessly control and securely share your data with a single click, wherever and whenever you need.

In contrast to other options lacking a display, the OLED screen on Chime Note offers a visual overview of memory and battery usage. This allows you to effortlessly monitor recording status and charging information with a single glance, providing valuable insights at a quick look.

Chime Note X features quick charging with its USB-C connection, making it compatible with charging cables from various electronic devices. This convenience allows you to leave extra cables at home when you go out.

Chime Note X also includes a fashionable case that not only looks great but adds a layer of privacy to our recording feature. This chic accessory offers a more professional and discreet appearance, reducing the likelihood of it being seen as a security risk.


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