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Desklab 4K Portable Touch External Monitor

Desklab 4K Portable Touch External Monitor

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4K Touchscreen Monitor

This portable monitor is an entire suite of office and entertainment features packed into the lightest portable touchscreen monitor ever. It’s your 4K screen, it’s your dongles, it’s your charger, it’s your speakers, and it’s fully customizable to be whatever else you need.

  • Brilliant 4K or 1080p resolution: ultra bright and true LED backlight
  • Plug & play: no set up required
  • Universal compatibility: use with all cables, operating systems, devices, and softwares
  • 15.6 inches, 6mm thick, portable, slim, and lightweight: carry it with you anywhere

Get rid of all the clutter in your briefcase or backpack. This monitor is all you need.

True LED Backlight

This touchscreen monitor is powered by a True LED backlight that guarantees the deepest blacks and most explosive colors ever seen on a portable monitor. 

Compatible With All Platforms

With both USB C and HDMI inputs, this touchscreen portable monitor is compatible with everything - from your PC, gaming consoles, Macbooks, Android Devices, Apple Devices, or tablets. Upgrade your 720p or 1080p view to 4K today!

lightweight touchscreen monitor

Transform Your Phone Into a Workstation

Writing emails, managing apps, and searching for photos on your smartphone is tedious work—and we won’t even get into the frustration of autocorrect. When your smartphone is connected to the portable monitor, it will appear as a desktop-style interface, allowing you to navigate your phone, apps, files, and more with the freedom of ten fingers, not just two clumsy thumbs! Connect a keyboard and mouse and get to work. You may never need a laptop again!

portable touchscreen monitor

Gaming On The Go!

Whether you’re a retro gamer, addicted to apps, or on the cutting edge of the console and PC gaming world, this 4K touchscreen monitor will turn up the intensity with clarity, color, and sound that rival your TV.

4k gaming monitor

Plenty Of Ports

Adapters, cables, and converters are costly and take up valuable space. This touchscreen portable monitor is universally compatible with all devices and has more ways to stay connected with multiple connectivity ports.

It isn’t just for laptops. You can connect to any device and turn it into a 4K workspace or entertainment system.

Regardless of how you listen, connect, play, watch, or work, you’ll be able to do it instantly on this monitor.

This touchscreen monitor offers robust connectivity options, working effortlessly with almost every modern device.

Ultra Thin & Lightweight

The lightest portable monitor in its class. It is the only monitor that packs so many features into such a lightweight package. At 15 inches and just 1.3 lbs, you can’t find a bigger screen or better resolution in this weight class. Not only that, but this monitor is thinner than the average tablet, so it will fit into the laptop pocket in your bag and leave plenty of space for your computer.

lightweight touchscreen monitor

lightweight touchscreen monitor

Instant Plug and Play

This monitor isn’t just portable—it’s convenient. No matter what device or method of connectivity you use, it will instantly adapt. That means as soon as you plug in, you’ll be ready to roll. Start a meeting on your phone or laptop and move it to the monitor without breaking the connection or lag. You don’t need to go to the office for bigger screens and better accessibility. You can do it all on this touchscreen portable monitor.

portable 4k monitor

The Power of Touch

How much more could you get done by turning your laptop into a fully-functioning touch panel? This monitor’s ultra-responsive touchscreen is perfect for design, music, management, chatting, and so much more. When your smartphone is connected to this monitor, it will appear as a desktop-style interface, allowing you to navigate your phone, apps, files, and more with the freedom of ten fingers, not just two clumsy thumbs! Or, connect a keyboard and mouse and get to work. You may never need a laptop again!

best monitor for programming

Seamless Response Time

This touchscreen monitor has a lightning-fast 10 millisecond response time, so you’re guaranteed the sharpest images and quickest performance possible. It’s response time outdoes many laptops and other devices, meaning all your content will get an upgrade as it passes to 4K. Don’t want to invest in a new laptop or phone? Give your device a powerful boost for a fraction of the cost by adding this monitor. Upgrade to cutting-edge graphics, sound, resolution, response time, and compatibility on any device in an instant.

4k gaming monitor

4K On the Go

4K isn’t just for TVs anymore. Now, you can take brilliant 4K anywhere. Dazzle the boss with sharp and colorful presentations, join the next generation of gaming with incredibly detailed graphics, or edit the photos from your last holiday with perfect precision.

best monitor for photo editing

Magnetic Stand and Screen Protector

This portable monitor's versatile magnetic stand doubles as a durable screen protector. There are multiple screen angle adjustments so you can comfortably use it whether you’re sitting, standing, or lying in bed. Work the way you like, comfortably. This monitor is purposefully designed to provide comfort and convenience everywhere you go.

lightweight touchscreen monitor

Fully Customizable

It isn’t a cheap monitor that mirrors and distorts your device’s screen. It’s the first smart monitor that allows you to customize your workspace from anywhere. Adjust volume, brightness, and other settings to calibrate to your level of comfort.

Everyone’s different, and you shouldn’t have to scroll through lists of monitor settings and color schemes just to find the right size and picture resolution. Customize your settings manually to achieve the ideal picture and sound for every environment.

best 4k monitor for designers

Universal Compatibility

Adapters, cables, and converters are costly and take up valuable space. This monitor is universally compatible with all devices so you will never have to worry about accessibility. It isn’t just for laptops. You can connect to any device and turn it into a 4K workspace or entertainment system. It is also universally compatible with all operating systems and devices, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Google. No formatting or setup is required. Once you plug this monitor into your device, you can get to work right away.

Dual Hi-Fi Speakers

This monitor's dual speakers were designed by world class sound engineers, and they’re the most advanced speakers to be found in a portable monitor. Transform your phone or tablet into a comprehensive workspace or entertainment system without the need for clunky external speakers.

Ultra Bright

Brighter is better, especially when you’re on the go. You can’t always depend on the optimal lighting conditions when you’re out and about, so this touchscreen monitor was made to be twice as bright as competing portable monitors. It’s ultra-bright screen allows you to work in high-light and low-light with the same stunning image clarity.

Energy Efficient

Other monitors drain your device’s battery in just a few hours. What’s the point of using an on-the-go monitor if you can’t even make it through a meeting or a movie without needing a power source? The industry’s top engineers designed monitor to outperform and outlast, and their breakthrough technology allows this portable monitor to run in brilliant 4K while consuming less power than leading monitors. That means you get more work done, more gaming action, and more power on the go with it.

Eye Care Equipped

Staring at screens all day is bad for your health. The good news is, we have the technology to solve the problem. The bad news? Most monitors don’t use it. This monitor utilizes multiple eye-protecting features so you can power through overtime or crush those all-night study sessions without the migraines, itchy eyes, and blurry vision.


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