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Driver 2-in-1 Cold-Drip & Cold-Brew Maker

Driver 2-in-1 Cold-Drip & Cold-Brew Maker

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Where other cold-drip makers will have you waiting 6-12 hours this summer, Driver can make the perfect cold-drip drinks in just 2 hours! Up to 6x faster!

With our exclusive cold-brew mesh filter, you can make your cold tea or coffee brew at home with ease too. Driver is your best Work From Home Companion, and we’ve come to Kickstarter to get this project funded! 

With our patented coffee-basket design, water will be distributed evenly through 3 channels for better and faster absorption into the coffee.

Unlike other cold-drip coffee makers that place all the coffee grounds in one basket, Driver has 3 individual sections. In each of these sections, the water absorption and saturation happen faster, without sacrificing flavor.

No paper or metal-mesh filters needed.

With Cold-Drip coffee, speed of flow-rate for the water passing onto the coffee can have a big impact on flavor. Our adjustable flow-rate valve gives you precise control over this process.

With Driver, you can choose any kind of ground coffee, from light to dark roast, and experiment with the flow-rate to extract the flavours you’re looking for.

Every Driver comes with our stainless steel fine-mesh filter accessory for making cold-brew coffee & tea. This accessory prevents any tea leaves or coffee grounds from dripping down into the final cup below.

To turn Driver from a cold-drip to a cold-brew drinks maker, simply install the fine-mesh accessory into the cold water tank at the top, close the water valve and remove the coffee-basket section of Driver. Combine your coffee grounds or tea leaves with cold water in the water tank, and leave for as long as you want to brew it for. Once ready, twist to open the valve and let your perfectly cold-brewed filtered drink pour out into the carafe below!

Each layer of Driver stacks neatly on top of the other, meaning the individual parts can be removed and cleaned easily. The built-in filter can be unlocked with a simple twist and all parts can either be cleaned by hand or placed inside the dishwasher.

With our experiences in creating cold drip coffee makers, we found that many users suffer from one common problem- the filter. Most filters are made with an overlapping metal mesh, which causes blockages, leads to uneven filtering, and in time can lose its shape to be even less effective.

Thus, we decided to change it! After many months of testing and analysis, we’ve used a Laser-Cut Stainless Steel Filter - which gives a smoother and more dispersed drip, doesn’t get blocked up, and is completely flat so easy to clean!

(1) Place 45g of ground coffee in the coffee basket, and pre-soak with cold water.

(2) Fill the upper tank with ice and water up to the 600ml marker (the ratio of water to coffee can be experimented with to your preference)

(3) Twist to adjust the flow-rate valve to approximately 1 drop-per-second, and leave Driver in a cool or cold place until the water tank is empty. (this will happen within 2hrs)

(4) Once the tank is empty, your cold-drip coffee is ready to be enjoyed. With any leftover, place inside a fridge for up to 3 days to see the flavors and aromas intensify still further.

Once Driver is finished and the water tank is empty, the bottom carafe will be full. Any coffee you do not drink can be placed in the fridge and over the next 48-72hrs it will become cold-brew coffee.

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