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**Exclusive Offer** ECOeshiner - Backpack-Size Foldable Solar Table (Ready Stock)

**Exclusive Offer** ECOeshiner - Backpack-Size Foldable Solar Table (Ready Stock)

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Are you a single backpack?

When preparing for a camping/backpacking, what would you guys think of bringing that would work for you?  The best bet is traveling lighter and versatile.

I would love to share the best backpacking essentials you'll need for your camping trip. ECOeshiner solar table, backpack-size, only weight 1.8KG.

Based on feedback from outdoor enthusiasts who have experienced the ES Solar Table which is the first generation of our design of Solar Table, the ES solar table is too heavy because it is 3.1 kg weight. Especially for a single backpack more is not a good choice.

Have you ever thought that ECOeshiner solar tables can reduce the unnecessary burden of carrying other tables and also can save money by not owning and buying multiple items with duplicate functions...

As long as there is sun, there will be a constant supply of power. Solve the urgent needs - cell phones, cameras, Bluetooth audio, charging camping lights, etc. when the power is not enough.

After all, if you are backpacking, you can be sure to be outdoors for at least a few days. You can't start bag travel without it.


ECOeshiner solar table is only 1.8KG weight, avoiding consuming more energy on your body during camping trips and reducing the unnecessary burden of carrying other tables.

It will completely beat the nightmare of carrying a bulky power storage device when you go travel.

Less stressful,more  travel light...

Uncompromised Fashion and Portability

The 550 × 150 × 120MM (when folded) small size and 1.8kg design that can easily be carried on your backpack offers portability and simplicity, while you’re hiking or backpacking.

ECOeshiner is foldable, an aesthetically pleasing combination of delicacy and durability, the union of beauty and practicality. Available in outdoor and indoor, ECOeshiner solar table design allows you to use it anywhere, anytime.

Simple and quick installation

It only takes three steps to open the ECOeshiner Solar Table. Unfold the solar panel, mount the upper bracket, and adjust the angle. Then you can start to charge immediately.


 High flexibility in the use of scenarios

As the ECOeshiner solar table can be charged from any place where it can be hung or placed, the high flexibility of the solar table allows for many possibilities of use. For example, the solar table can be hung from a tree; it can also be placed on a tent rope, on grass, on a rock or even in a stream.

You clearly take one item with you, but it's a combination of two items - a solar panel and a folding table.

Solar panel 24W has 2 USB ports (5V2.1A ×2). The extensive compatibility enables it to charge almost all electronic products, in the sun for mobile phone/tablet PC/laptop/mobile power supply/PSP/MP4/GPS/Bluetooth headsets/drone and other electronic devices. 100% safe charging, with overcharge, overheating, and short circuit protection. 

The table side is used 1200D Oxford waterproof fabric, and lined with a PVC waterproof film layer. Splash-proof and rain-proof.

Solve the trouble of thinking about which table to carry to camping. This makes backpacking a lot more realistic and accessible to those on a tight budget.

Solar monocrystalline silicon solar panels with ultra-high conversion rates (>92%) can quickly convert and output electricity under direct sunlight.

The ultra-wide safe working temperature range of -5°F~158°F(-20℃~+70℃)enables the product to work in all regions of the world, whether it is snow-capped mountains or deserts.

The four-sided "X"-shaped stable aluminum alloy structure with aviation-grade material is very stable and durable, taking into account the two advantages of lightness and strong bearing capacity.

The surface is coated with PE protective film, which can protect it from acid rain or saline-alkali water. So whether it's at the seaside or by the saline lake, you can use it as you like.

The tabletop is waterproof IP65 and easy to wipe, just wipe with a damp cloth, or you can rinse with soap and water after use. Particularly sturdy, scratch resistant and rust free. Both can be used on sunny or rainy days.

The desktop is equipped with a compass and a temperature gauge. Two two-way waterproof storage bags can easily store digital products or other outdoor items.

Four aluminum alloy floor nails super-strongly reinforce the ES Solar Table, so that the ES Solar Table is not afraid of strong winds.

Intimate net pocket storage, make your desktop tidier.

For maximum power efficiency, please place the objects on the desktop in the lower net bag and let the sunshine can cover the desktop as much as possible.









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