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*Exclusive Offer Now* FLOAT cup (Ready Stock)

*Exclusive Offer Now* FLOAT cup (Ready Stock)

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Do you want to stop creating more waste while enjoying a variety of beverages,
but can’t find a drink cup that meets your needs?
The strawless “FLOAT Boba Cup” will be your best companion!

According to our survey, 50% of people who own a reusable drink cup that comes with a straw are gradually using it less and less because:
Reason 1: The cup has too many parts and is difficult to carry;
Reason 2: The capacity of the cup does not match that offered by the beverage stores in the market;
Reason 3: The straw is super difficult to clean

FLOAT Boba Cup with a special inner cup which can move up the toppings like tapioca bubbles and coconut jelly.
So the tea and toppings would arrive at our mouth together while we raise our head to drink.

Its special ellipse-shape cap mouth enables the tea still to flow out from both sides while bubbles come out, and drinkers can control the proportion of tea and the bubbles.

East to Wash
The big open and the non-blind-angle cap make this cup easy to wash and reduce the cleaning time.

Easy to Carry
With one cup and you can drink whatever you want, no need to carry different size or straws and cleaning brush anymore.

The curving outline
Let people hold the cup steadily even with the big capacity of 850 ml, which is the big size of bubble tea.

With anti-spill sealing, when boba or other toppings are solidified because being placed for a long time, you can shake it vertically to restore them.
Move the ice cube to the middle, 
let the temperature of beverage more evenly.

BPA-free Tritan plastic
The cup, inner cup and lid are made by BPA-free Tritan plastic.
Tritan plastic has a bright and transparent surface, is resistant to acids, alkalis and high temperatures, and is safe to use and easy to carry.

We truly believe that “Excellent user experience helps promote eco-friendliness globally.” People are more willing to carry reusable cups when it provides a better experience. In the end, this helps further reduce the pollution from the plastic waste created by disposable cups and straws in a sweet and simple way

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