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**Exclusive Offer Now** Oriori (Ready Stock)

**Exclusive Offer Now** Oriori (Ready Stock)

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ORIORI Smart Grip Ball is the most advanced device to test grip strength, and provide rich courses and fun games to help people do hand rehabilitation training.

With ten fingers connected to the heart

Use oriori Grip ball to enhance hand strength and improve your heart vitality. Whether you have hand injury or want a stronger body, it's the best.

Activate your powerful grip

Grip training can improve your grip, effectively strengthen your physique, and deal with various health problems.

Good for cardiovascular, nervous system health, resistance to muscle atrophy, fight against Alzheimer's disease, etc.

Your digital grip coach

Help you to effectively complete the grip training course, develop good grip habits, and record your every grip state.

You can learn about your progress from training records, and better grip performance can bring you a better physical condition.

There's always something for you

Provides a variety of grip training methods, including enhancing hand strength, training arms, exercising hand-eye coordination, exercising response ability, and maintaining cardiovascular health.

These trainings can improve physical fitness, and will continue to update the content, so that grip strength can bring you a healthier life.



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