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of EYEMOO The World 1st 60Hz Color RLCD Epaper with Adaptive Front-Light

of EYEMOO The World 1st 60Hz Color RLCD Epaper with Adaptive Front-Light

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【10 inch Color RLCD Screen with frontlight | 60 Hz refresh rate | Android 12 | 13MP rear & 5MP Front Camera | 6000 mAh battery】

Do you experience eye fatigue or dry eyes👁️ after prolonged screen use? You’re not alone. Globally, between 8% to 34% of people suffer from dry eyes, and electronic screens are a leading cause. The blue light emitted from screens can damage your eyes, leading to discomfort👎🏻.

To enhance your viewing experience in low-light environments, Eyemoo has introduced an innovative technology – Reflective Front Light💡, preventing direct light from harming your eyes while providing a natural viewing experience. Bid farewell to eye strain and welcome a comfortable and enjoyable screen experience with Eyemoo.

——7 Key Features——
🔥 10 inch Color RLCD Color Screen
🔥 The world’s first adaptive front lighting dimming technology
🔥 60 Hz refresh rate
🔥 Powered by Android 12
🔥 13MP rear & 5MP Front Camera
🔥 Long battery life 6000 mAh battery
🔥 Equipped with 6GB of RAM and 12GB of ROM



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