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P-Flash Metallic Flash Bang! Portable Power Bank (Ready Stock)

P-Flash Metallic Flash Bang! Portable Power Bank (Ready Stock)

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"Paying tribute to classics, who said new technological products can't create classics?"

Classics are worth savoring, but chasing after classics is no easy task! The P-Flash, with its all-metal casing and detachable plug pins resembling a flash bang, brings the most realistic tactile experience! It is not just a power bank, but also a semi-handmade original collectible that can be cherished.

After removing the plug pins at the top, the safety lever will automatically spring open. With a crisp "ding," the top flashlight will automatically turn on, emitting a dazzling and blinding beam of light.

P-Flash is not an ordinary non-removable power bank but rather a mobile battery box. P-Flash can accommodate three 18650 rechargeable batteries, which can be easily purchased and replaced anywhere. This allows for long-lasting and sustainable use, eliminating the creation of environmentally unfriendly electronic waste.

Spare batteries can be easily replaced, allowing for uninterrupted power supply wherever you go. There is no longer a need to carry multiple power banks to meet your power requirements.

The body and safety lever are made of aluminum-magnesium alloy and stainless steel, providing a solid and sturdy construction that is explosion-proof and durable.

P-Flash has become the world's first "self-aware intelligent parallel-connected power bank.

1. It can accommodate a single, dual, or triple battery configuration, allowing for flexible power management.

2. It is compatible with different battery capacities, ensuring that each battery is fully charged and every drop of power is utilized.

3. Safety has been upgraded with the inclusion of safety valves and temperature detection switches in each battery slot.

To extend battery life, P-Flash is equipped with an intelligent chip and developed its own detection and safety program.

1. P-Flash is capable of detecting the condition of each battery. If it detects any issues with the health of a battery, it will emit a warning. For example, it can detect if a battery is at risk of internal short-circuiting, which could lead to combustion, or if it has significantly degraded in capacity.

2. It also performs self-temperature detection. Under normal operation, the discharge temperature does not exceed 60-70°C, and the charging temperature does not exceed 50°C. If any abnormalities are detected, it will automatically shut off the power.

3. P-Flash has developed its own detection program to regulate the charging and discharging rhythm and speed. This helps to extend battery life and optimize power allocation.

Charging Data Reference:

About the 18650 Battery:

The term "18650" refers to a battery size of 18mm in diameter and 65mm in length. It is a widely available standardized rechargeable battery in the market. Apart from being commonly used in flashlights, it is also utilized in many large outdoor power banks and even in Tesla cars. It has become one of the mainstream battery sizes. Whether in regular electronic component stores or shopping malls in the Sham Shui Po district, it is readily accessible.

However, just as you would not use unknown or damaged batteries in your beloved electronic devices, we strongly recommend using genuine batteries from well-known brands available in the market. This ensures stable power supply, prolongs product lifespan, and ensures safety during use. If you use unknown or low-quality counterfeit batteries from mainland China, it may result in reduced battery life due to differences in capacity and internal impedance, and in worse cases, it may even decrease the number of charge-discharge cycles.

About P-Flash Charging to Notebook:

The P-Flash has a specification of 18W output and supports the USB PD (Power Delivery) protocol, which allows it to charge laptops. However, due to its lower wattage output, the charging speed may be relatively slower.

To ensure compatibility and proper charging, please verify the power input requirements of your laptop. Some laptops, such as Dell models, may require a 20W input, which the P-Flash cannot provide. Therefore, it is essential to check your laptop's specifications before purchasing.

Additionally, confirm if your laptop's Type-C port supports charging functionality. Some Type-C ports on laptops are designed solely for data transfer and do not support charging. Currently, most laptops that support USB PD functionality are Ultrabooks or lightweight laptops. It is important to check the specifications of your laptop to ensure compatibility.

For example, MacBook models released after 2015 that have a Type-C charging port are generally compatible. For Windows systems, you need to check the model's specifications to confirm USB-C PD charging compatibility.


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