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POCAP : The Super Flexible, Portable Cap (Ready Stock)

POCAP : The Super Flexible, Portable Cap (Ready Stock)

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Why is it so difficult to carry around a hat? 


Due to its hard brim, hats do not fit well in confined spaces such as a small bag or purse. This makes it so that if you're not careful, the fabric of the hat can get dirty and the structure can become damaged when stored improperly. 

"Super Flexible Cap" has fixed the root problem


  • It is foldable and rollable
  • Enables the hat to maintain its original structure in the same condition no matter the circumstance or how much force is applied onto the hat 
  • The hat will not get dirty or damaged when stored in the accompanying pouch
  • Made from anti-wrinkle fabric


Easy to store in any bag 

Portable and convenient with the POCAP pouch 

Easy to store the hat in the pouch

We have conducted years of research and finally developed POCAP, the hat that will help you stay cool AND look stylish during your daily activities. 

We have found that it was more difficult to fold a hat with a stiff brim, but we also did not like the aesthetics of hats with brims made from soft materials. Certain hats do contain materials that have been known to be brought back to the original conditions despite some folding marks, but they were not able to recover the original state.  The materials that hats with stiff brims were made from were very durable, but broke easily once a small amount of force was applied. POCAP has developed the optimal design from a blend of materials to create the ultimate flexible hat.

We also have done countless tests in order to create the most suitable pouch. We have created and used various pockets and pouches and we have finally found that a suitable pouch that is made from extremely soft materials. 

POCAP cannot be deformed by any amount of pressure. Wear your POCAP without any worries.

POCAP is used with water resistance fabrics which prevents damage from rain, sweat, or accidental spillage.

POCAP has participated in one of the largest music festivals in US, SXSW (South by Southwest)

  • “Dress up in Technology” Sesion in CONTENT IMPACT
  •  2:00PM  MAR 12, 2019  |   208 E 6TH St. Austin  
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